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Never T. L Valentine VagabondRGB x1400

Never Too Late Zango 005

Valentine Vagabond / EP  Zango 006

Late Night Sleepless Blues

Nowhere Bound

Early Morning

Free Spirit

Father and So

You and Me

Beautiful Butterfly

Mary May

My Greatest Friend

Watch the Water

This Is the Life!

Never Too Late



Love At First Sight

Valentine Vagabond

My Mountain

Be My Valentine

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Marry Me

Broken Promises

Joined by masterly musicians (Steve Simpson, Nick Payn, Don Richardson, Alan Coulter and Bob Haddrell),

Chris presents a personal collection of songs about those he’s lost and those he loves.

(lyrical. acoustic, folk, country and blues)

With Valentine Vagabonds, Derek Griffiths, Chris Parren, Tucker Finlayson, Alan Coulter and guests,  

Barry Wickens (Fiddle), Martyn Day (Accordian) and Bob Golding (Blues harp and Percussion),

Chris and the band present this 7 song EP laced with the love for a woman and all that it brings! iTunes-Logo iTunes-Logo